The founder

Dominique Lozowy au Kashmir

About the founder

Shabkar Creations is the product of a one-woman show, led by Dominique Lozowy, a Canadian nomad from Montreal. In 2011 she became home free, living around the world in monthly rentals, guesthouses, and in house sitting assignments and her van in Canada.  

Her preferred countries are India and Nepal, but she will always be happy to find out about a new destination and its culture.

She spends a lot of time in markets, inspecting locally made products, learning about them, inquiring about how they are made, how to tell the difference between the mass-produced junk and the true local handmade treasures. She then slowly establishes contacts with trustworthy producers, visits the makers, selects the products individually, posts them on her website or sell them directly in craft shows after her return to Canada. 

Her background is very varied. She has studied in so many fields that she is unable to claim which one is the most important to her. When she was young she wanted to be a musician, then a horse trainer, later a vet. But she ended up getting a college degree in French literature and middle eastern studies. She worked as an office clerk, transcriber, musical instrument repair technician (woodwinds), eBay consignment seller, webmaster, and technical writer.

Today she is officially known as a “web consultant” who offers help and training to small business owners with their website. She still does a lot of house sitting, but her preferred activity is showing the products she bought from the artisans in craft shows and festivals. 

Unfortunately her lifestyle has been quite shattered by the 2020 pandemic; she could not work with clients anymore as her specialty was in person training, and she could not house sit because nobody was traveling anymore, and of course all fairs and crafts shows have been cancelled. Within this context she decided to work on Shabkar Creations to expand its product range, from scarves only to meditation products such as malas and meditation blankets and cushions. While she was in Nepal she met with mala makers but the lockdown forced her to go back to Canada and she could not shop for more products. At home during the confinement she made her own malas, according to what the master mala makers taught her.

All our products ship from Montreal, Qc in Canada.

We don't have a physical store, but we love to attend craft fairs. We will keep you posted when we do this again (after the pandemic). 

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