About Shabkar Creations

artisan working on a kani loom in Kashmir

About Shabkar Creations

Shabkar Creations offers Canadian consumers high quality useful products handmade in homes and small family owned workshops. We support cottage industries, an endangered economic practice slowly disappearing in our modern times dominated by industrial mass production.


Shabkar Creations started in 2015 selling only locally produced scarves from different countries such as India, Nepal, Thailand and Cambodia. Its aim was not only to support local weavers but counteract the disposable cheap fast fashion products from large factories. At first its name was Magic Pashmina, then became Shabkar Scarves & Shawls. Our interest was spiked by the discovery that true pashmina was still made in Kashmir, so we decided to focus on cashmere and high end scarves. We bought some from Nepal also, as they produce more affordable cashmere scarves. In 2021 Shabkar Creations is planning to go beyond the scarves and offer unique useful products with a better living in mind.

Purchasing process

We always buy directly from the producers by visiting their local points of sales. Every piece is inspected for beauty, quality and authenticity. We never mail order or buy online, so everything that we sell has been bought during our travels then shipped to Canada. Some cheaper items and samples are bought from the market, but only from vendors with great reputation, those who are always willing to show us where the products are made.


We sell our products through our online store, in ethnic craft fairs and privately. Occasionally we sell on eBay or other platforms to clear end of line collections before we travel again. All shipping is done from Canada. If we travel then we put up a notice on our store switch it o catalogue mode. We are always available for customs orders and we will ship from abroad for a special request.

The mission

When you buy a product from Shabkar Creations:

  • You help the artisans who made it
  • You contribute to the economy of developing regions
  • You contribute to the survival of a disappearing ancient art
  • You encourage young people to learn about their parent's craft production techniques, which take years to master
  • You help fight the economy of disposable industrial clothing
  • You help to give the word pashmina its true and original meaning
  • And of course, you become a proud supporter of the Shabkar project and help increase the visibility and notoriety of traditional crafts in Canada and North America.

We do not take profit from sales of the authentic pashmina scarves, otherwise it would be too expensive. We want people to purchase them, love them and support the artisans. The selling price includes our basic purchase prices: the craftsman's rate plus our overhead costs such as handling, transportation and marketing. We do earn profits from non-pashmina sales such as scarves and items from Nepal, but all of it is reinvested directly into the project.

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All our products ship from Montreal, Qc in Canada.

We don't have a physical store, but we love to attend craft fairs. We will keep you posted when we do this again (after the pandemic). 

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