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Handmade by artisans for better living

Bought directly from the artisans

Authentic Quality

Handmade Products

We do the traveling and buying. Just for you. We are nomadic Canadians who travel to the Himalayan countries as Kashmir and Nepal to buy directly from the artisans and producers the best quality products.

We aim at offering functional products that will enhance one's daily life, a product with a soul that can replace a disposable one that has been mass-produced. We always check each stage of the making and we guarantee it is fair trade and the material used as pure as possible.

Every item in our online store is unique; it has been handpicked by us then photographed for the listing.

This project is lead by one person, Dominique Lozowy, who is in charge of all its aspects; from buying, too making (malas) and managing this website articles and stores.

Our mission

Luxurious Scarves

Come and explore the beautiful scarves and shawls handmade with authentic pashmina cashmere in Kashmir and Nepal.

Our vision

Buddhist Malas

Meditation and prayer malas handmade in Quebec and chakra and stone bracelets made in Nepal.


Welcome into your home the soul of the Himalayas
Authentic products made by century old traditions

All our products ship from Montreal, Qc in Canada.

We don't have a physical store, but we love to attend craft fairs. We will keep you posted when we do this again (after the pandemic). 

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